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Frequently Asked Questions

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You are welcome to contact us at hello@plantinghopecompany.com during business hours on the day you’ve placed the order, and if it has not already been fulfilled, our team will do what we can to assist you in editing your order.

Your order’s tracking information is sent via email when your order ships. If you have not received your tracking information by email within five business days, please contact us at hello@plantinghopecompany.com.

We offer Standard and Expedited Shipping in the United States. Our Standard shipping is $8.99 on orders under $50 with a 3-5 business day shipping time. Orders over $50 will ship free with Standard shipping and the same lead time. Shipping and handling will NOT be refunded. Please contact us at hello@plantinghopecompany.com to discuss international orders. The cost of international freight, taxes, and duties will be added to orders.

Our site is not set up for international orders. Please contact us at hello@plantinghopecompany.com to discuss international orders. The cost of international freight, taxes, and duties will be added to orders.

If you purchase any Planting Hope Brands products via https://plantinghopebrands.com/ and the product arrives damaged, please email at hello@plantinghopecompany.com with pictures attached of the damaged item. We will review your request and, if approved, the refund will process in 5-7 business days. Refunds will be issued to the same payment method that was charged. Please allow additional time for your financial institution to post the refund to your account.

"Planting Hope Brands" provides a subscription service. By subscribing to our service, you have confirmed that you accept our Terms of Service. Your subscription will automatically renew on a recurring basis, at which time your credit card will be charged automatically for the subscription products until you cancel your subscription. Taxes and shipping fees may apply. You may cancel your subscription anytime from the Subscriptions section of your account.

Please contact us at hello@plantinghopecompany.com with any questions about editing your subscription.

FITSNACK20 - Enter the coupon code FITSNACK20 at checkout to save 20% on all Mozaics products. Not combinable with any other offers or discounts. The customer must enter the exact code into the box labeled ‘Gift card or discount code’ and click the ‘Apply’ button before finalizing the purchase for the discount to be applied. The discount only applies to Mozaics products and will not apply to other items in your cart. One per customer. Offer subject to change or cancellation at any time.

We currently offer the RightRice Original in the 5lb foodservice bag here. For other foodservice or wholesale inquiries, please check out our storefronts on Faire or email us at sales@theplantinghopecompany.com

Planting Hope Brands

The Planting Hope Company Inc. develops, launches, and scales uniquely innovative plant-based and planet-friendly food & beverage brands. Planting Hope Brands is the home for our entire family of brands. Founded by experienced food industry entrepreneurs, The Planting Hope Company Inc. is a women-managed and led company focused on three impact pillars: nutrition, sustainability, and representation.



Our products are crafted to provide meaningful nutrition, including complete protein and fiber sourced from plants with a focus on minimal processing, simple ingredients, deliciousness, and convenience.



From agriculture to processing to transportation to packaging, we strive to be a best-in-class provider of foods and beverages that helps secure a sustainable future for all of us.



As a women-led and women managed enterprise, we’re committed to representation and inclusion in all aspects of our business  - from hiring to suppliers to material partnerships  - that move us all forward.

The Planting Hope Company brands consist of Hope and Sesame Sesamemilk, RightRice, Mozaics Real Veggie Chips, and Veggicopia Veggie Snacks.


Our Hope and Sesame® sesamemilk is the world’s first commercialized sesamemilk, deriving its core nutrition from sesame seeds, and took more than four years of development to perfect. Together with our rapidly scaling snack brands (Mozaics™ Real Veggie Chips and Veggicopia® VeggieSnacks) and plant-based foods (RightRice®), we have created a platform of pantry-staple products for flexitarian consumers embracing plant-based foods, tackling key portions of the exploding plant-based space with uniquely innovative solutions to everyday customer needs. 


All of the products in the Planting Hope Brands family (Hope and Sesame, Veggicopia, Mozaics, and RightRice) are Vegan, Gluten-Free, and OU Kosher Certified. Hope and Sesame, Mozaics, and RightRice are also Non-GMO Certified. 


Full ingredient lists, allergen information, and certification information can be found on the individual product pages.

We're on a mission to change the world, one tiny seed at a time! Hope and Sesame started out as a group of friends with the dream to make plant-based food and beverage options more delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. Today, we're the proud creators of the World's Most Nutritious & Planet-Friendly Plant Milk. For more information, check out this brand-specific FAQ.

Use sesamemilk any way you currently use plant milk or dairy milk, including in baking, hot beverages, cooking, smoothies, you name it. A lot of folks drink our Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut by the glass; we recommend using the Unsweetened flavors primarily as an ingredient.

Sesame is an amazingly sustainable crop. It thrives in dry conditions and requires little water to cultivate, it’s naturally pest resistant, and it can self-pollinate, requiring very few resources to grow a crop, especially versus water-intensive monocultures like almond groves. The pesticides used to protect almond crops kill thousands of bees every year that are shipped in for the pollination season since bees are required for successful almond pollination. Like many similar shelf-stable beverages, we use recyclable Tetra Pak cartons created to preserve beverages for long periods without refrigeration. This means we can distribute these products without refrigeration's cost and environmental impact. There is more information on Tetra Pak and recycling at this link. Our refrigerated sesamemilk bottles are recyclable wherever PET bottles are accepted for recycling.

A one-cup serving (8 oz) of Hope & Sesame sesamemilk contains 8g of complete protein, with all 9 essential amino acids represented in a balanced profile, similar to dairy milk, and meet the FDA standards for ‘good source of protein, ‘excellent source of Calcium’ and ‘excellent source of Vitamin D. Most plant milks contain very little protein, and/or that protein is incomplete: 0g (rice milk), 1g (almond/macadamia nut milk), 3g (oat milk), 8g (pea milk – incomplete protein).


Other than the sesame allergen, our Unsweetened, Original, Vanilla, and Chocolate sesamemilks are free from the top 8 most common allergens: wheat (gluten), peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, egg, fish, and shellfish. Our Chocolate Hazelnut sesamemilk contains a small amount of hazelnut oil and is free from wheat (gluten), peanuts, dairy, soy, egg, fish, and shellfish. Hope & Sesame sesamemilks are produced in a peanut-free plant.

RightRice is a tasty, dry (shelf-stable) grain that’s packed with the power of nutritious vegetables to give you more plant-based protein and fiber. And a lot fewer carbs. No more empty calories, either. Every bowl of RightRice is made from lentils, chickpeas, peas + rice, with more than double the protein, five times the fiber, and almost 40% fewer net carbs than a bowl of white rice. For more information, check out this brand-specific FAQ.

RightRice products are easy to cook in a saucepan in about 10 minutes or 12 minutes for the seasoned flavors. That’s even faster than regular rice. To cook the entire pouch, use 1 ⅓ cups of water. (Or, 1 cup water for each cup of RightRice®) Best to use a regular saucepan. In a medium saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add RightRice®, immediately remove from heat, and cover. Let stand covered off heat for 12 minutes (10 for Original RightRice). Fluff with a fork, let sit 2-3 more minutes and enjoy!


RightRice Risotto products are easy to cook in a saucepan in about 12 minutes. That’s way faster than regular risotto! To cook the entire pouch, add 2 cups of water to a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Add RightRice Risotto and boil uncovered for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and let stand covered for 7 minutes. Stir and serve immediately. Enjoy!

RightRice is made from over 90% vegetables (including lentil flour, chickpea flour, and pea fiber) all blended with a bit of rice flour. See the RightRice product pages for nutritional information and a full list of ingredients for each of our flavors.


RightRice Medleys are a blend of our veggie and protein-packed RightRice, with ancient grains like quinoa and sorghum and even more veggies. Ready in just 12 minutes, Medleys are Quick, deliciously nutritious side dishes that are great tasting alone or paired with a favorite protein. We’ve done the prep work, so you don’t have to. See our RightRice Medleys product pages for nutritional information and a full list of ingredients for each flavor.


RightRice Risotto is made from over 90% vegetables, including lentils, chickpeas, peas, and rice, to give you 10g of complete, plant-based protein and 5g of fiber per serving. RightRice Risotto looks and tastes like traditional risotto and comes in four already seasoned flavors. So now you can enjoy a modern (and dairy-free!) twist on classic risotto - with almost 40% fewer net carbs than white rice. See our RightRice Risotto product pages for nutritional information and a full list of ingredients for each flavor.


RightRice products are made in peanut and tree nut-free facilities, and our products are free from the nine major food allergens identified by the FALCPA: tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, and sesame, with the exception of RightRice Fried Rice Medley, which contains soy and sesame and Brown Butter Sage RightRice, which contains sesame.


Participants must use #rightricemeals in Instagram in-feed posts containing RightRice-inspired meals or recipes to be eligible. Winners will receive (1) 6ct RightRice Variety Pack and (1) 6ct RightRice Risotto Variety Pack (12 pouches in total; $50 value). Winners will be notified via Instagram Direct Messages by @rightrice and must respond within 7 business days to accept prize. One winner per household over a 6 month period. Participants must be 18 years and older and in the U.S. or Canada only. No purchase necessary. Any content (photos/videos and recipes) shared with #rightricemeals may be reshared by RightRice and Planting Hope Brands in unpaid media and digital properties in perpetuity with creator credit. Giveaway subject to change or cancellation at any time.

Mozaics are the guilt-free snack chip where REAL veggies are the #1 ingredient! Mozaics are popped (never fried) then lightly misted with olive oil and sprinkled with hearty seasonings. Packed with plant protein and dietary fiber, Mozaics Real Veggie Chips deliver delicious and nutritious with every crunchy bite. Now that’s a Real Veggie chip you can feel good about! For more information, check out this brand-specific FAQ.

One serving of Sea Salt Mozaics contains 4g plant protein + 4g dietary fiber in only 100 calories. Per FDA guidelines, Mozaics are a Good Source of Fiber, with 18g of carbs (6%), 150mg sodium (6%), and no cholesterol or trans fats.


In fact, the only fat in Mozaics chips comes from the hint of extra virgin oil we use to help the seasoning stick to the chips. With less than 3g of fat per serving, Mozaics have half the fat of kettle potato chips or veggie straws.


Mozaics are free from the top 14 most common allergens: wheat (gluten), peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, sesame, casein, sulfites, lupin, and mustard.


Made in a peanut + tree-nut free facility, Mozaics are USDA Smart Snack compliant, meaning they meet with federal guidelines for snacks in schools, with less than 200 calories per serving, fat calories at 35% or less, sugar weight at 35% or less, and veggies as the first ingredient. Learn more about the USDA Smart Snack program at this link.

Veggicopia® brings portability, convenience, and deliciousness to nutritious plant-based snacking, including single-serving dip cups and snack olives. All Veggicopia® products are long shelf life (12-24 months) and are packaged in single-serving portions, minimizing potential food waste.

Shocked to discover that not all dips have clean ingredients, Veggicopia sought to find a solution. Plant-based and packed with nutrition, Veggicopia is only the best single-serve & shelf-stable dips. Delicious recipes crafted in partnership with a Michelin-starred chef and produced in the US.


One serving of our Original Hummus contains 5 grams of plant-based protein and 2 grams of dietary fiber. One serving of our Red Pepper Hummus contains 4 grams of plant-based protein and 3 grams of dietary fiber. And finally, one serving of our Black Bean contains 5 grams of plant-based protein and 5 grams of dietary fiber.


Veggicopia dips contain NO: gluten, dairy, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, sweeteners, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

Shocked to discover that not all olives have clean ingredients, Veggicopia sought to find a solution. Plant-based and packed with nutrition, Veggicopia is only the best single-serve & shelf-stable olives, grown and prepared in Greece.


Veggicopia olives are paleo-friendly and a great option for people on Whole 30 or Ketogenic diets.

They are minimally processed with olive oil and a touch of salt.

No food coloring or preservatives here.

They’re the perfect low-carb, low-calorie snack with a low glycemic index.

How do I contact you?

If you have any questions, issues, or comments, feel free to contact us at hello@plantinghopecompany.com. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you! Please give them up to two business days to get back to you with an answer or resolution.