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Cilantro Lime 7oz / Citron Vert Coriandre 198g

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These bilingual packages are now available in Canada and can be ordered from NaturaMarket.ca.

Enjoy Cilantro Lime RightRice, the perfect pairing of bright cilantro with fresh lime.

We love rice. That’s what inspired us to create a blend of over 90% nutritious vegetables + rice into a tasty grain that gives you more plant-based protein and fiber. Now you can soak up great sauces, complement courses, and inspire your next meal—all on a carb-friendly diet.

Ingredients: Lentil flour, chickpea flour, pea fiber, rice flour, sunflower oil, sea salt, sugar, vegetable powders (onion, green bell pepper, garlic, jalapeño pepper), citric acid, lime juice powder, parsley, spice, malic acid, oil of lime, spice extractives, oil of garlic, oil of onion